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Counseling in English sins 1995

Beside studies and practising in counseling and therapy since 1995 in Finland, I have also studied at ESARPAC (European School on sexual Abuse Related Pastoral Counseling) now known as ISARPAC in Denmark. This study is based on Christianity and the main topic is to help sexually abused persons, but we are also trained to handle all kinds of traumatic disorders.

My native language is Finnish, but I can also work in English.

My main thought is, that every person with a problematic or traumatic
past, should deal with the problem in his or her native language.

I work in Turku on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in Helsinki and on Thursday in Lahti.

The counseling can take place in short periods or as a long time running therapy or - if you live far away - as a distance work by letters and then by meting few times.
Please, contact me by phone or by e-mail. This type of working has prove to be quite successful.

I can also arrange lectures, groupworks or weekend seminars in English.

Tor Spiik 
Kokkakatu 4 B
20810 Turku
mobile 0400 939394

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